The Witham’s & New Relationships

The Witham’s & New Relationships

Not New to Our Team, But Meet the Witham’s

The Witham’s joined our team this summer, moving from Zionsville, IN, where they had lived since getting married in the Summer of 2014.  They recently welcomed a new addition to the crew: Roen – now 8 months old. The Lord has allowed for both Danielle & TJ’s jobs to transfer to Salt Lake City, which has greatly helped the transition.

For those that don’t know, Danielle is Derek’s sister. Derek & Kristin began talking with the Witham’s about moving to Utah in the Winter of 2014 and challenged them to pray about moving out as members of the team. After months of prayer and confirmation from The Lord, they officially moved to Salt Lake City at the beginning of July. They were able to purchase a house in Herriman about a month ago (late August), and have begun meeting new friends in their neighborhood.

Please pray for The Witham’s as they meet members of their community, and settle into their new home – Herriman, UT!


I recently met up again with a LDS guy I had previously met at a Starbucks. During our conversation, I was able to share the gospel with him and make a distinction between a verse from the book of Mormon (that he referenced) and a verse from the bible. His verse was almost a direct quote of Rev 21:6, except instead of the “whoremongers, adulters and liars” going to “lake of fire”, they were assigned to the lowest level of heaven in the LDS doctrine. Upon pointing that out he shared with me that he had recently watched a TED talk that mentioned: “cults have easy answers for difficult questions.” He then asked me if I thought that is what Joseph Smith did, coming up with easy-to-swallow answers for difficult questions. He then proceeded to ask me if I believed Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I explained how God said any prophet whose prophecies did not come true or gave newer revelation that contradicted what God had already revealed about himself, was not a prophet of God. I explained that on these two qualifications Joseph Smith could not be a true prophet of God. He recently sent me a text to ask me if we could meet again and I could share with him how grace and works go together because in his mind they didn’t. I believe God is really working. We have already scheduled another time to get together soon. Please pray!


Last week I got lunch with Spencer. I met him thru our good friends the Rowland’s a couple years ago (see Blog 1 for more info) – he is married to Dana’s sister Whitney. A few months ago we saw him at the Rowland’s and told him I would love to grab lunch sometime. Around this same time, I had also been informed that he had left the LDS church because of some information he learned about their founder and “prophet” Joseph Smith. Well, he reached out to me a couple weeks ago and agreed to grab lunch with me. We met last week and he had a lot of questions. Currently, he would consider himself agnostic and has a lot of serious doubts about the Bible and the person of Jesus. I genuinely believe he is searching and is open to finding the truth. After lunch and while we were walking back to our cars he informed me that he still had a lot of questions and we agreed to get together again soon. Please pray for him as we continue meeting and talking. Pray God would give me wisdom as I try to answer his questions, and stay on track with what is most essential in our conversations. Pray for God to give him ears to hear what is being presented to him and for God to grant him repentance and faith.

Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they were to read this in any public format.

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