We Launched…Softly!

We Launched…Softly!

We LAUNCHED…softly!

On February 25th we had our first “soft launch” service! A “soft launch” or preview service allows for us to invite those whom we have built relationships with, to come and join us during a full Sunday morning service, with the understanding that we are still trying to get the final details worked out. And although we have already been meeting together for a month trying to make sure we have all that we need together for us to start, allowing for some more people to join us, tends to bring out more issues. Whether they are things we still need to address or just the presence of some extra people pointing out issues we had not seen. This first of four weeks of preview services has already served us well in discovering issues we need to address. We are so thankful for the time we have to have the preview services and for your prayers and we ask that you would continue to lift us up and the people around us who have yet to hear of the good news of Jesus Christ. We officially launch in 4 weeks!

Below I have attached a few photos from the week before our soft launch that can give you glimpse into what’s going on at Awaken City Church as we are getting ready.

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