Watching God Answer Prayer


Since moving here God has allowed for us to meet many families and grow in our friendships with them, but God has put a few families in particular on our hearts. The Rodgers is one of those families, and thru a series of difficult circumstances in the past couple months, God has allowed for us to get to know them even better. This has lead to multiple gospel conversations with them both individually and all together, and thru these conversations we are really seeing God do some amazing things in their lives!

Recently they asked us where they could get Christian bibles (which we gladly provided for them!) which has lead them asking us how they can have a consistent time reading their new bibles! Also, they have joined us for church almost every Sunday for the past month or so, and he has even invited his mother to join them. Then, a few weeks ago they had us over for dinner and had a lot of questions. God is really working on their hearts and we are so excited to see what he does in their lives. Please continue to pray for God to reveal himself to them and to bring them into a saving relationship with him. Thanks again for your faithful prayers.


You are probably very familiar with the story in the book of Genesis, where God told Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering. Well, after God provides a ram as a substitute sacrifice in place of Isaac, Abraham names the place Jehovah-Jireh (The Lord will provide).

Well we have seen him be so true to his name in the past month or so. As most of you know, if you have followed our blog for long, that we have been praying and asking God to provide people who desire to lead others in worship and who are musically gifted (in that order). As I shared last month, God answered that prayer and brought Josiah and Heather Marshall to our team from another church about a half-hour away! They have been a huge blessing to us as she can sing and play guitar and he plays drums and they truly have a heart to lead others in worshipping our great God and savior. Then a couple weeks ago, their church sent them out to be a part of our team. It was great and such a blessing to be a part of that process.

We thought God had answered our prayer and we were moving forward, BUT GOD… (doesn’t it seem to happen like this so often), but God wasn’t done. A few weeks ago he brought to our team Gigi. Gigi plays the keyboard and lives in Herriman and has for the past several years. Recently she shared with us that she has been praying for God to send someone to start a church in Herriman since she moved here. We were super excited for her to be a part of the worship team… BUT GOD! But God was not done.

About a year ago Kristin was told to contact a lady who was in the community, soon after that we tried to reach out to her with no success. Fast-forward almost a year and Kristin remembered the contact and decided to reach out to her again. Well a little over a week ago Kristin reached out to her and we meet with her and her husband (Andy & Alicia). Upon grabbing coffee with them we learned that they had both been a part of a worship team and that Andy had actually lead worship for a couple churches in the past. After meeting with them, they decided to join our leadership meeting that following week. After meeting with us they have decided to join our team.

I recently read a pastor who said God always answers with “Just enough, Just in time”. As many of us can attest, this is SO TRUE. But he is ALWAYS faithful, EVERYTIME, whether it lines up with what we have been praying or not – his ways are greater & better. But isn’t it sweet when our prayers line up with his will. Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they we re to read this in any public format.

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