ANOTHER Family is joining us!!! Meet the Richardson’s

Todd and Heather will be joining our team this summer as they move from Harrison, AR where they have lived for the past 14 years.  They have three children: Reese – 9, Rhett – 7, and Tripp – 5. Both Todd and Heather will be leaving their teaching positions in Arkansas and looking for teaching positions around the Herriman area. God began this process of moving their hearts and then their lives out to Utah a little over two years ago during a “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” class. After much prayer, confirmation from others and two trips to visit the area, they have made the decision to move out this summer. They both look forward to being used at Awaken City Church in whatever capacity they are needed, but Todd has a heart for discipleship and Heather will be able to help lead vocally in our worship ministry. It is their desire that Christ would be known and glorified among the people of Utah.

Herriman, Utah

We have decided to plant our lives and church in the community of Herriman. And as promised in last week’s prayer e-mail, here is some info on the city. Herriman is a fairly new city located in the southwestern part of Salt Lake County. It is currently the third fastest growing city in Utah with a little over 35,000 people.[1] Ethnically, Herriman is made up of 90% White, 7% Hispanic, 1% Asian, and <1% African American and other. It is a very young city with a median age of 25 and much of that is due to over 35% of the population is 14 and under.[2] So there are a lot of young families in the area, and a lot of new families moving in.

We believe the city of Herriman is ripe for the harvest and ready for a gospel-centered, gospel-saturated church. The city of Herriman varies slightly from the entire Salt Lake City metro area with just 1% of the people identifying themselves as an evangelical Christian. Part of this is due to the fact that there are ZERO evangelical churches in Herriman of any denomination – Mainline or Protestant! It is however very similar to the rest of the Salt Lake City metro area in that 62% of its people affiliate themselves with the LDS church.[3]

Although Herriman is a city of 35,000 people with zero evangelical churches and projected to double in the next 10 years, we do not want to limit ourselves to only this community. We believe the best way to move forward will be to establish a presence in Herriman and the surrounding area, as the community lines are so blurred and the level of initial interest is so small.

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