Look Who’s Joining Us!

So I told you in a previous e-mail I would tell you a little about the new family who is joining us: The Gunther’s. If you haven’t already gone to the website to read a little more about them, you can click here & here to find out more about Kyle and Rebekah. Kristin and I met Kyle & Rebekah while we were attending Johnson University together and became friends and ended up both serving as student pastors in the Knoxville area for the next 5+ years. The Gunther’s then took a student ministry position in Noblesville, IN (15 minutes from Derek’s hometown) and we tried to meet up with them while visiting Derek’s family. We continued that friendship throughout the years, and a little over a year ago asked them to pray about being a part of our team in Utah. In March they came to visit and spent a week with us checking out the area and continuing to pray about if this was the next step God had for them… and it WAS! We are so thankful for the Gunther’s and excited about them becoming a part of our team. Kyle and Rebekah have a huge heart for discipling others and a desire to see them come to know the one true Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ, and their 10+ years of ministry experience will be invaluable! They will be a great addition to the team in so many ways!

Bunco Group

Kristin was recently asked to join a bunco group by some of the ladies in our neighborhood. Don’t know what bunco is… we didn’t either! (click here  if you’re interested in the rules). Each month she gets together with the same 15 ladies and they play this game. What is great about it is, she is able to have several hours to engage and build relationships with these ladies in our neighborhood each month and it runs until each lady has had it in her house! We are already realizing what a great blessing/opportunity this is, and are so thankful for it. Several women have already asked questions about why we moved out here (which gives her the opportunity to share about our hope alone in Jesus Christ), and her thoughts on the LDS church and some of their truth claims. Please pray for her interactions with these ladies and that the relationships will bear spiritual fruit.

Coaching a sport I never played… shh!

So I am coaching Josiah & Judah on a 5yr/Kindergarten soccer league this year. What’s my soccer experience you ask, well… I’ve seen it played before, does that count! I was for sure more nervous about this than preaching at a church. So why coach? My hope is that thru this we will build relationships and get to know some of the families in the area and that will lead to gospel-centered conversations and ultimately people trusting in Jesus. As it turns out, coaching has not been as bad as I made it out to be in my mind, and it’s been a ton of fun! I love the kids and they are a lot of fun to coach. Please pray for us to build relationships that allow for us to have those gospel conversations.

She prayed God would show her the truth… he sent me!

WOW! So a couple weeks ago I prayed God would give me an opportunity (as I often do) to share with someone the good news of Jesus Christ while I was out working at a coffee shop. Well, as you probably know if you have prayed that before, God gave me an opportunity. While I was waiting in line to get a refill I struck up a conversation with Alex at the register. She had been hanging around for over an hour waiting for her cousin to get off work. She then asked me what I was working on, which gave me the opportunity to tell her why we moved our family out to Utah. I then had the opportunity to lead into the good news of Jesus Christ and go thru the entire gospel message! During the conversation, I found out that she was baptized in and became a member of the LDS church about 4 years ago. After about 15 minutes of us talking I ended the conversation with the reminder that God had been gracious to allow for us to have this conversation. That this conversation was not a coincidence, and in fact I had prayed that morning to share with someone. She then began to tear up and informed me that just the night before, she had prayed and asked God to show her the truth because she had some doubts about the LDS church. Praise God – he sent me! She did not come to faith that day, but I left her with some contact information and hope to hear back from her soon, Please continue to pray for her to place her trust in Jesus Christ alone!


Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they were to read this in any public format. 

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