It must be the Coffee

It must be the Coffee

note: this was written last week and never got posted. Enjoy!

It must be the coffee

I am not sure if it is the coffee or the fact that I spend a lot of time in a coffee shop, but God continues to give me opportunities to share with others the hope I have in Christ. I have already written in previous blogs about the opportunities I’ve had to share with people in coffee shops, and there have been much more, but let me share a couple more with you this month.


A couple weeks ago I was working in a local coffee shop when I noticed a lady behind me was writing a paper on ‘polygamy’ (yes I was snooping). I also noticed that she had what looked like a Bible open on her lap. In the four months I have been here, I have not seen a single person with a Bible outside of the church. So I struck up a conversation with her and asked if it was the Bible she was reading, to which responded “yes.” I told her I had not seen anyone with a Bible before. I asked her if she was a Christian and to which she answered “yes”. I then began a conversation with her and found out that she had just recently come out of Mormonism and was looking into the topic of polygamy for a paper that she was doing for a class. As I began to share with her, I was not sure if she truly had trusted in Christ or if she had only left Mormonism, as she expressed her concerns with the religion. I proceeded with walking through the gospel from creation to redemption through Christ and came to believe that she truly was a follower of Christ. It was great meeting another Christian, and to see God working and drawing people to himself in Salt Lake City!


While I was working at another coffee shop (told you it was the coffee), on some promotional material for our church block party to come (details about block party below) a guy walked past and asked me if I do graphic design work, and if I would be willing to look at something he had been designing and give it a critical eye. As we began to talk, I found out that he is a faithful, church–going, Mormon, yet he was in a coffee shop! (without getting into much explanation, LDS members are not supposed to drink coffee. Click here for more info on this). He shared with me that he had different views than the LDS Church did. As we continued to talk after we looked at his design work, I then asked him if he would critique our Awaken City Church website. This led us into the gospel, who is God, Jesus, and can the Bible be trusted – it was great! I was able to share the gospel with him and he was very receptive! He actually asked me if I would be willing to meet with a few of his friends to talk to them as well! What! It was such a great conversations and I hope we can meet up again soon.

Quickly Becoming Great Friends!


So let me (Kristin) introduce you to a sweet friend God has put across my path named Angela. We met at a play date with other ladies in our neighborhood (all LDS) and ended up having a lot in common including we’re both 30 with 4 kids. After meeting, we decided to set up another play date for the two of us and our children, but the day before we were supposed to meet, she called to let me know one of her kids were sick. God prompted me to ask her if I could go pick up a pizza for her family that night and to my surprise she let me! (At this point I didn’t even know her last name). Then later that week she called to ask if I wanted to go on a girl’s night, just the two of us. We had a great time getting to know each other, and that was really the beginning of our friendship. We were also able to have some good conversations that night, and she asked about life back in Powell, TN and hearing about our “Christian Bible-belt culture” compared to Utah. We talked about some differences between Mormonism and Christianity but nothing too too deep at this point. A couple days later we hung out again and she began telling me some very similar, yet confusing things about Mormonism. I agreed with what she was saying, but knew I needed to be bold and begin talking about the differences. So I simply asked her to share with me what she believed was different between her and I (Biblical Christianity vs Mormonism). I prayed for boldness and began sharing that when she speaks of Jesus and when I speak of Jesus, we are actually not talking about the same Jesus. That raised a lot of questions for her and after a very long time of conversations about spiritual matters, I was able to share the Gospel with her. The very next day God gave us yet another chance to see each other where she began to open up to me about deep struggles in her life. We hugged, became very teary eyed and I believe she saw me as a safe person and place to share struggles. I’m so so thankful for God knitting this friendship! We celebrated the 4th of July with their family and that was also a great time of getting to know her husband as well. At first, he seemed very stand-offish and even offended when he asked: “why would you choose Herriman to plant a church!?” Well, the answer can be quite bold. The truth is, and what I told him, was Herriman is a town of around 41,000 people AND GROWING and there are ZERO Christian, Bible believing, churches of any denomination. That answer can be very offensive to them as they (in recent years) also are calling themselves “Christians”. As time went on he began to really open up and I think our husbands had a great time talking! God has given me such an incredible burden for Angela and her family. There has not been ONE day that has passed that we haven’t either seen each other or talked. Just a few mornings ago, she asked if I wanted to join her on a walk where she began asking more and more questions. She and her family are very devout LDS, but I know God is mighty to save and we are praying and asking you to come to the Father on behalf of this family, who I believe God is doing a work. Please pray as they are wrestling with truth, and please pray that they will read the Bible and TRUST it. They are taught they cannot fully trust the Bible, because it has, in their words, “lost many plain and precious truths”, and they can only trust it “as far as it has been translated correctly.” Please pray

Community Engagement

Fort Herriman Days

So we recently helped sponsor our first community event – Fort Herriman Days. It’s a 3-day event in the community with inflatables, carnival rides, food trucks, lots of stage acts, a movie in the park and more that ended with a town parade. It was a way for us to get our name out and start bringing about some awareness into the community.

Neighborhood Block Party

There are 541 homes in our neighborhood, and on July 11th we will be sponsoring a block party in our neighborhood. There is a team from First Baptist-Powell, TN that will be coming out to help our church in the afternoons and another Church (Lifestone Church), in the mornings. They will be helping us Tuesday night with the block party as we have several inflatables, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow-cones, popcorn and more. From this event, we plan to invite people to a topical Bible study with questions we believe the people here are already asking (link here). During the week the students will also be helping us as we have connected with some of the local schools and will be doing grounds work for them.

Please lift all of the above things up in prayer!

Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they were to read this in any public format. 







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