First Time

First Time

First Time

Well, this is my first go at a blog. Never really thought I would do a blog, but I believe it will be the best resource for us to communicate what God is doing in our lives and the lives of those in Awaken City Church.

One Month

Wow, it’s been a month already, and in that month we have already seen God do so many great things!

We’ve had many of our neighbors who’ve brought us cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood, and we have dinner plans in the works. Kristin has already had several play dates with our neighbors and gone out to lunch with 8 LDS ladies. We’ve also begun to develop a good relationship with our neighbors to the right of us. The dad, Tyler, has proudly informed us that they are not religious at all, but because most the community is LDS and we are not, they seem to have found a special connection to us.

Also, our driveway because of its size (4-cars wide), has become the “play area” for our neighbors – which we LOVE! It has given us opportunities to meet more of our neighbors and build relationships with them. Because of this, we recently went to a grassy area in our neighborhood with two of the families in our neighborhood and spent some time with them, while our kids played together.

Kristin has also joined a local homeschool book club for Judah and has already had some great conversations with the mother who is the facilitator. She recently opened up to Kristin about the struggle she is having with the health of her mother. Please pray for Stacy, as her mom is terminally ill and she has come to Kristin about it. Kristin was able to pray with her, and we have been told from former LDS members who are now Christians, that to just hear a Christian pray can be eye-opening because of the freedom and intimacy Christians have with God, that they don’t have (and they believe they are the ones who have further revelation from God and are the TRUE church) so it brings up questions of how a Christian can have such a close relationship with God. Pray God would use this in her life and others from the LDS community who we have been able to pray with.

Our Honeymoon Friends (The Roland’s)

Since we arrived here, we have seen and spent time with them every week. Even though they live 45 minutes from us, we spent a weekend with them in their families cabin, had them to our house and had dinner at their house. It’s been great, and our kids love each other! We really love this couple and have a great desire to see them come to know the Jesus described in the Bible. We have already had many opportunities to speak truth to them and bring up some hard questions they admitted they wanted to look into. Please pray for them! We believe that God is really working on them and that they will come to worship the One True God one day!

We’re not in Tennessee anymore

We have really grown to love this place and it doesn’t hurt that the weather has been great! But apart from the weather, we have met a lot of people and let’s just say, we are not in Tennessee anymore. We were recently told that for many people here, we are the ONLY Christians, they have EVER met… EVER! It’s an exciting work, but also a difficult work. So we want to thank you again, as we appreciate your continued support and prayer!!!

Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they were to read this in any public format. 

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