Block Party & More!

Block Party & More!

Block Party

Wow! So a few weeks ago First Baptist Church – Powell, TN (the church I was a student pastor at for past 10+ years) brought a team of 29 students and adults to Herriman to help both us and Lifestone Church. Each morning they helped Lifestone put on a kids life camp (VBS – but it’s not called “VBS” because the locals have never heard of this before). Then in the afternoons, they helped us serve 6 local schools in the Herriman community. All of the work was outside and most of it was pulling weeds, trimming bushes & trees and cleaning around some areas. Then also on Tuesday night, we had a neighborhood block party. We had been prepared by one of my mentors, to not expect a great turnout. It’s just really hard to determine how a neighborhood will respond to something like this, especially with a Christian church putting it on. Another church plant did something similar to this a few years back in another community and had ZERO people come. So we were prepared for whoever and whatever God sent our way. We had placed a banner at the front of the neighborhood a few weeks before the event, took advantage of neighborhood Facebook page, and then had students pass out 450+ flyers explaining who we were and why we were doing this (you can see flyer here). As you can see from the flyer we were clear that who we were and that we were putting this on as a church. Didn’t want anyone to come to feel as if it was a bait & switch and that we had “tricked” them about what we were really doing. Well… we had 300-400 people there!!! It was amazing!

At the block party, we gave the adult volunteer’s (our team, FBC adults, and some members of Lifestone Church) card’s to personally invite those who came to a bible study we will be starting next week at our house (bible study invite card front | back). The topics we will be addressing in the 8-week bible study are questions we have been asked to told people are asking in the area. PLEASE PRAY that God will bring those who are longing for good news & hope… because we have the answer – JESUS! Pray for those who desire to come that they will not be concerned about what others will think when their car is seen in our driveway. Please also pray the Lord would keep those who would just be a distraction to what we are trying to do from coming. Click here to see more pictures from the event).


Let me introduce you to my neighbor, Laticia. She was baptized as a new convert into the LDS church when she was 8 years old after Mormon missionaries came knocking on her families door in Brazil, and as a result, her family ended up moving to Utah. We have been able to spend time with their family at one another’s homes for dinner, kids birthday parties and mom play dates with our kids. This week Laticia came over and she began asking me (Kristin) about our church. She then went on to share with me how she and her husband are “inactive” (still considers themselves LDS but does not go to church, or follow the LDS teachings.) She let me know how she never felt worthy enough in the LDS church, but she still wants God in her life and in her marriage and family. I was able to share the gospel with her and share with her as a Christian when God looks at me, He sees Christ’s righteousness and not my sin, and it has nothing to do with my “good works before Him.” I was able to share how “religion” says “I obey; therefore I am accepted.” But as a Bible believing Christian “I am accepted; therefore I obey.” I was able to encourage her to pray for her husband (as she is nervous he will want nothing to do with any religion); ask God to show her her sin; read her Bible starting in John and ask God to speak to her, and finally to visit an amazing website called Please, please pray for Laticia and her husband Justin, as I pray they TOGETHER discover the Gospel of Grace that is freely offered to them!

THANK YOU for all of your prayers and encouragement!

Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they were to read this in any public format.

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