ANOTHER New Team Member & A House!!!

ANOTHER New Team Member & A House!!!

De’Ann Shields

We are so excited to have De’Ann joining our team. We met De’Ann back in July and soon after agreed to meet her for coffee to share our vision for Awaken City Church with her and see if she would be interested in joining our team. Soon after she lets us know that she believed this is where God was leading her, we were pumped! If you haven’t already read her bio on our web page, I have included it below.

Native Texan, born country girl where gun’s and big muddy tires are a part of everyday living. Where Taco Tuesday, BBQ, and sweet tea are words to live by. I have been on staff at my home church in Hudson Oak, TX for 9 years as the Childcare Coordinator, taking care of childcare needs for weekly study’s and classes. I set off on my first of many mission trips at the age of 15, half a dozen countries and several continents later I am here in Utah where Christ and His message are foreign. I am looking forward to being a part of Awaken City Church team and being a part of helping other’s hear the truth about Christ and His word.

When I’m not doing stuff with the church I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and one-on-one time with my nieces and nephew exploring new fun things. Whether it’s antique shopping and closing down a coffee shop with the girls or family dinner and movie we always make it a memorable adventure. I love cooking, especially baking, painting with friends and a good book or old movie on a cold rainy day, and can usually be bribed with coffee or chocolate.

Please pray for De’Ann as she looks for a job in the area. Pray the Lord would provide the perfect job for her that she would enjoy; she could provide for herself; and most importantly, where she can be a light in a dark place.

Bible Study Started

August 6 we kicked off our very first bible study for Awaken City Church! Leading up to this, we had passed out invites to the 300-400 people who came to our block party and then those we had met and ran into at separate times around the community. We also placed banners at a couple different entrances to our neighborhood that advertised the event. We prayed for the bible study knowing this may or may not be (in our eyes) a success. Well, week one… we had our leadership team (18 people) plus two other families totaling eight people, for a total of twenty-six. We just finished our fourth week meeting together and have stayed pretty steady, with no new families coming. Although we desired for a greater turn out from the neighborhood/community, we are still rejoicing with how God had brought this leadership team together. Five family units all apart of this initial leadership team – God is so good! Please continue to pray for our bible study. For wisdom moving forward once this eight-week series is over and for many to come to the final four weeks. Also, pray we would continue to see and follow the Lord in this entire process.

We Bought a Home!

For those who are not aware, when we moved to Herriman we moved into a rental home that NAMB (North American Mission Board) our sending agency owned. We have fallen in love with our community and our neighborhood. We are thankful for the house we are in, but it is not quite big enough for our growing family (o yea, we’re pregnant!). Housing is quite a bit more out here than what we were used to in Tennessee. We were looking for something that was at the bottom of the price range for a single family house out here and a house with an unfinished basement (almost every house out here has a basement – big families!) But on top of that, we really didn’t even want to move from our street in our neighborhood. Way too picky right…that would never happen. Well during the block party we ended up meeting a couple and we were sharing with them how much we loved the community and our neighborhood and even more, our desire to stay on the actual street we’re on. Well, that couple came over a couple weeks later to let us know they were going to be putting their house on the market and wanted to let us look at it before they got a realtor. Well wouldn’t you know it, that house was 3 doors down on our street, in our price range and had an unfinished basement. God is so good!!! Well, we close next month, but will continue to live in our rental while we try to do some mostly necessary updating to the new house… the house had pets, I will leave it at that! Our desire is then to eventually save up enough money so that we can finish the basement and use it for ministry purposes, but until then we can still put the kids down there while we try to meet with our leadership team on Wednesday’s and the bible study on Sunday’s.

 Please do not share this blog in ANY public format. Those referenced above are REAL people and relationships, and it could be absolutely detrimental to them, our ministry, and our friendships if they were to read this in any public format.

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