A few months ago I approached the city about doing some kind of holiday scavenger hunt. After meeting with the city, and pitching the idea, the city decided they wanted to work together with us and combine our idea with an idea they had! So we joined forces and came up with the Herriman Yeti Hunt. The city did a great job advertising and recruited and collected local prizes and sponsors. We had many local businesses participate and give us all kinds of goodies.  The Yeti Hunt was a lot like the Elf on the Shelf Hunt in Knoxville, if you are familiar with it. If you are not, here is a general idea of how it works. Families first pick up a “passport” from one of the key sponsoring stores. The families then seek to fill up their passports by visiting the local participating businesses, and finding the hidden yeti in each store. Once it is found, they have that store stamp their passport to show they have found the yeti. During the three weeks of the Yeti Hunt, there were also 7 scavenger hunts for hidden yeti’s with a clue posted at a designated time on Herriman City and Awaken City’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Once the yeti hunt was over, the passports were turned into the Herriman City building, and for each time the participant found the hidden yeti, they received an entry for the grand prize.








The best part is it gave our church plant some exposure and it was great for the community. Local businesses loved it and even more have asked if they can be a part of it next year! Also, this may or may not seem like a big deal, but we have been told by locals, that this is UNHEARD of in this area. That City organizations don’t partner with churches, especially Christian ones. Praise God for his provisions and for opening the door for our church to serve the community in this way.












A little over a week ago our core team met up at a cabin a few hours from our house to grow together as a team and to cast & clarify the vision God has for Awaken City Church. We had a great time and it was invaluable for our team growth.

Prior to this weekend, we had been spending time each week during our core team meetings, highlighting an individual or two and discussing how God has wired that person and the strengths he had given them. As a result, we were able to combine all of our discussion on individual strengths and discuss how God had wired us as a team and the gifting’s he has individually given us.

Along with discussing our individual strengths, we spent time discussing the local demographics and ethnography of the context in which God has placed us. We discussed how we could take advantage of the local layout and concerns within the city as a church. This then allowed for us to spend some time combining our collective potential as a team and the local layout and concerns of the community. As a result, we were better equipped to find a specific way we could serve and bless the community, which allowed us to be intentional within our context to make the name of Christ great. Ultimately landing on the mission of Awaken City Church is “to engage our community with the love of Christ in order to see lives forever change by the good news of Jesus


As many of you know we have been praying for God to send someone who can help us in leading the music side of our Sunday morning worship gathering. Well a few months ago God began to place on Josiah and Heather’s heart to leave their current church to be a part of the work God is doing in the SW Salt Lake valley. They met with the worship pastor at their current church and expressed a stirring to help a church in need of their musical talents. Upon being asked if they had an area in mind, they mentioned Herriman. The worship pastor (who was meeting with me THAT day) informed them there was actually a church in Herriman that needed help in leading music. Later that month, their family joined us at one of core team meetings, we got to know them and share our hearts for the SW valley, and hear from them as well. It was great getting to know them and we really enjoyed them. Later that night they lead us in a few songs with guitar and drums. Soon after they contacted us to let us know they wanted to be a part of what God is doing in Awaken City Church. We are so excited to have them join us! We will highlight their family next month on our blog.

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